The War Poets Association promotes interest in the work, life and historical context of poets whose subject is the experience of war. It is interested in war poets of all periods and nationalities, with a primary focus on conflicts since 1914 – mainly the First World War, Spanish War 1936-39, Second World War and Ireland. There are already many societies dedicated to individual war poets – click ‘Links’ on the left to see some of these – one of the WPA’s aims is to work with these and others to help promote joint activities and events of mutual interest.

Please click on the name of one of the poets listed on the right to read an expert biography of one of the war poets, written especially for this website. Many of the biographies also contain links to other information To view biographies by war or conflict, click on the title of the conflict below one of the boxes at the foot of this page. Other biographies or information on war poets not listed on this page may be available – please use the ‘Search’ link on the left to find what you want either on this or other websites via Google. If you would like to suggest a biography be written about a particular poet, or write an expert biography yourself to be added to these pages, please contact